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innovative selfleveling catch basin

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The selfleveling catchbasin operates with a standard frame that is entirely supported like the pavement by the foundation of the street. With no load to support, the conventional concrete structure is replaced by a standard high density polyethylene HDPE one-piece pipe designed to prevent water and granular infiltration. The system has the unique characteristic of allowing the frame to slip over the external wall of the pipe, thus allowing the frame to move down with the settling of the soil or up as the soil heaves up during the winter. Like the pavement, the frame "floats"on the foundation of the street which enables it to be constantly, and naturally, at the same level as the roadway. This design also allows the frame to have free angular movement when compared to the axis of the pipe. The HDPE chimney last longer than concrete structure and can be reused when becomes time to rehabilitate the street. The one-piece pipe prevent water and granular infiltration to avoid pavement to collapse. The same frame and pipe can be used in any kind of foundation and surface without any additional parts.

The selfleveling catch basin is used in freeze and thaw cycles for years and works perfectly . It has already been sold in many municipalities in Ontario and Quebec (in Canada). Documents with details and pictures on demand at [Use the button below to contact me]

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This invention has been tested for years in many municipalities and it is still working just like the first year. No differentiel movement, no craking around the structure, no dammage to the HDPE chimney, no infiltration.

Patent is for sale or license with royalties.

Patented in US and Canada.

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