US patent 7780416 Blinking Sail Windmill

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US patent 7780416 Blinking Sail Windmill

United States Patent 7,780,416
Al-Azzawi August 24, 2010

Dear Sir
My US patent 7780416 windmill the energy it generates is ten times more than the present windmill for a windmill which costs tenth the cost of the present windmill.
Therefore this windmill is 100 times more efficient than the present windmill in view of cost. Since it is nothing but steel frames and some pieces of cloth therefore its cost is very low.
This is the link to my site for the blinking sail windmill.

Below is what Prof Donald T Swift-Hook said and my answer to him
Dear Prof Donald T Swift-Hook
You said ((so half the area facing the wind is ineffective at all times. The 50% that is lost is 50% of the area facing the wind. By contrast a propeller-type horizontal axis wind turbine is active over the whole of the area facing the wind. ))
My answer
If we take two windmills, one is (a propeller-type horizontal axis wind turbine) and the other is a blinking sail windmill lets say the surface area of both is 20 meter by 20 meter where the active area of the blinking sail windmill will be 50% that is 10 x20 meter = 200 square meter.
Since the surface area of the blades of the (a propeller-type horizontal axis wind turbine) is only 8.37% of the total surface area of its rotation that means 20 x 20 x 8.37/100 = 33.48 that is almost 34 square meters therefore the blinking sail windmill has six times more active surface area than the (a propeller-type horizontal axis wind turbine).
If we make a practical experiment to prove this point we put on one boat a blinking sail windmill and on the other (a propeller-type horizontal axis wind turbine) we will see that the boat with the blinking sail windmill will move faster due to the bigger surface area of the blinking sail windmill.
Besides that the blinking sail windmill rotates with the direction of the wind not having any resistance at this direction while the (a propeller-type horizontal axis wind turbine) it rotates at 90 degrees to the direction of the wind it resists the wind in this direction and some times it breaks at this direction when the wind is strong therefore they started to make them so strong and that means so heavy and mush more cost just to overcome this deficiency where this deficiency is not present in the blinking sail windmill therefore its cost is much less than the (a propeller-type horizontal axis wind turbine).
I have contacted so many companies to buy my invention and all of them are manufacturers companies, but no response, I thought a lot why they are rejecting a breakthrough windmill I could not find the reason, then I started to look in their sites I found that all of them had a malti-billion dollar contracts to make giant windmills for large wind farms, and since my invention is a totally different design therefore they ignore it because they have to scrap all their factories which make the blades some of them 130 meter long plus scraping the factories which make the giant posts and their 170 meter sky high electric generator.
They ignored my breakthrough windmill because they have to scrape all their factories and that will cost them billions and billions of dollars and they will lose their contracts and that make them lose billions and billions of dollars, plus they have to make new factories for my new windmill and this will cost them millions and millions of dollars.
Therefore contacting the buyers of the windmills that is the wind farms owners who sell electricity to the people is more useful because those owners would love to have the best to their wind farms they will like to have a cheaper windmill and more efficient windmill and low cost maintenance windmill.
My windmill has all these three properties it cost 10% only of the cost of the present windmill and this low cost BLINKING SAIL WINDMILL generates ten time more electricity than the present windmill therefore it is 10 x 10 = 100 times more efficient than the present windmill, in view of the cost. Besides that it has much less maintenance cost since the generator is not 170 meters above the ground like the present windmill because the blinking sail windmill generator is few meters above the ground.
The blinking sail windmill generates so much electricity due to its large size lets say the 20 meters by 20 meters frames Blinking sail windmill, that the owner will get his money back in 42 days and that will never happen in any windmill even when they dream of one, the owner of the blinking sail windmill will get his money back in 42 days when he use it to generate electricity or make distilled water in desert countries or when making hydrogen from water to use it in cares instead of using petrol.
You can make a small blinking sail windmill just like the one in the youtube and see for your self's it will cost you $1000 only, or you can come to Qatar and see the one which I made where its video is on youtube,
This windmill does not need a prototype to prove its magical capability since the sails which move boats and ships is the prototype for this invention.
This windmill has one of the sales blocking the wind all the time. Therefore it generates power. While all the other sails letting the wind to pass through freely without any obstruction, so as if they do not exist. The result is one sail like in the ship generating power capable of moving a big electrical generator or a big water pump.
The sail boats race which takes place every year where the boats travel around the world and all the power is supplied to these boats for this very long trip comes from a piece of cloth its price equivalent to some gallons of petrol. If changed to an engine boat it will need tons and tons of petrol to complete the journey around the world besides the spare parts and the initial high cost.
When you watch these boats you can really see them moving at a high speed and cutting through the water with real force and big power and all of this is coming from a piece of cloth practically worth's nothing.
If we make the electrical generator of the Blinking Sail Windmill having multi coil so when the wind is week only one coil activated then when the wind gets faster the second coil is activated so we get more electrical power and if the wind gets stronger the third coil activated and so on.
when the wind gets much stronger the spiral spring of the horizontal bars starts to act so the horizontal bars start to swing to the other side, so even the active sail ( the sail which is blocking the wind) starts to let some of the wind to pass through the active sail so the wind do not damage the sail and as the wind gets stronger the gap gets bigger, therefore all the time the Blinking Sail Windmill is safe and generates electricity at the strongest winds besides generating electricity at the weakest wind near to stand still speed.
Yours truly
Jasim Al-Azzawi

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