Miniature Recharging Generator-For Cell-Phones-Post Upgrade

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. Miniature Recharging Generator Post Upgraded
(For Cell-phones, Laptops, Other Portable-Devices)
This invention can make a lot of money. It can make millions, and make millionaires into billionaires, and billionaires into trillion airs, and trillion airs into zillion airs. Who cares what the product can do just as long as it can do that, right! But let’s face it in order for an invention to do that, it must be an invention that do something for millions even billions of people that they want or need done for them that is not being done for them, at an affordable price. This invention is that type of invention.

The Miniature Recharging Generator (MRG) is a powerful new small appliance (cell-phones, laptops, portable DVD players and radios, alarm clocks, whatever use batteries) self recharging generator that provides a charge for the device. Consumers will buy cell-phones, laptops, and other devices that use batteries when the device has an onboard recharging system VS the devices used today that do not have such a recharger onboard. The sweet thing about the MRG is that it can be made to retrofit onto people cell phones, laptops, portable radios ETC so that the owner of these devices do not have to repurchase their device. While newly developed, small-hand-held, and home-portable devices would be better made with the MRG design built right into the system in the manufacturing process would be appropriate.

In any case, rather bought as an adopter for an existing hand-held device, or home-portable devices, or as a new appliance with a MRG already installed in it people will value it. That means millions of buyers all over the world spending millions of dollars for the upgrade models, or upgrade module. That makes perfect sense, an invention that is cheap to build, small and light weight (about the size of a penny), and works like a charm pulling in major dollars.

The MRG is a perfected working module which is actually a tiny version of the ac-power-solid-state-generator carrying the same ownership patent as well. Anybody who has read the listing on the AC-power-solid-state-generator (also listed on under electricity and lighting) knows the ac-power-solid-state-generator is hot, without adopt, top of the generator line, state-of-the-art self recharging generator. That is what the MRG is made out of. The MRG is the baby (micro-circuit) of the ac-power-solid-state-generator (macro-circuit). But more importantly, the MRG is as big a money-maker machine as its parent generator.

That’s why I am not even going to talk any more about the technology, because the key here is not what the MRG system can do, but how much money it can make you. That’s all that matters. You don’t need to be worrying about the manufacturing process that is my job. When you invest in the MRG turning little money into big money is all you do, and collecting it. Now with that said, is there anything further that needs to be said? That is what you want to do right, turn little money into bigger money? OK, done! Contact me

Now we are asking for $2’000’000, and here is what you will get for your $2’000’000:

Service assistance-
For 50% down, We will set up your automation process (maunfacturing assembly line), guarantee finish products and excellent product performance. After we set up shop operation for you, we will turn the operation over to you. Then as I said before, all you have to do is sit back, relax and make big - big money. Or you can just buy it out right and do your own thing. Your choice

Purchase Options:
•Purchase our Patent (Buy the invention [patent] cash)
•Joint Venture with us (you finance, and we manufacture)
•Purchase our License agreement (you buy a right to
build and make-a-profit [sale] the invention)

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