New turbine to generate electricity from water and wind

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A new breakthrough in the renewable energy field, this revolutionary new turbine design copies the law of nature found in wind and water behavior such as in hurricanes, tornadoes, dirt devils, or just water going down the drain. All fluid matter seems to follow the same spiral pattern, even galaxies in outer space. After trying many designs and shapes in pursuit of the perfect turbine, I finally put together a design taking all the efficient features of previous turbines and put them all together following fluids most efficient path; the logarithmic spiral, so-called golden spiral, or equiangular spiral which is found in living beings and almost everywhere around us. It is so obvious and simple yet beautiful. Not only it generates clean energy but it is quite and visually pleasing.

The real beauty of this turbine lies in its efficiency;

- Because of its aerodynamic profile, the golden spiral turbine is self orienting when tethered or attached to a horizontal pivot point.
- The shape of the blades and the smaller radius minimize drag while still collecting the kinetic energy efficiently.
- It is relatively safe for fish.
- Because of its small radius it can be constructed from cheap recycled plastic, PVC, or similar.
- It is a design that works for both wind and water.
- It is very simple comparing to the turbines out there in terms of cost, manufacturing, number of part, and maintenance.

Economic and financial information

The turbine is currently being studied and tested by well known companies, a model is being tested for use in water currents, and another model is being tested for wind application.

preliminary results are looking very promising.

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