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Automated watering systems on the market today rely on electromagnetic valves controlled by electronic timing devices that are programmed by the user. Manual watering is the only alternative available at present, although these automated systems have two major drawbacks:
an electrical power supply is essential and costly to install,
watering occurs whether or not it is actually necessary, since currently available programming devices are really only timers that switch on watering regardless of weather conditions (there are a few more sophisticated systems on the market that use electrical moisture sensors, but the expense involved is considerably higher).

A revolutionary invention that will change your views
on currently available watering systems:

An entirely autonomous watering control system because no power supply is required, the system is particularly suited to areas without electricity supplies,
Watering occurs according to the actual needs of the soil, thereby optimising plant growth and allowing substantial water savings. Given that around 70% of all available fresh water around the globe is used to irrigate crops, widespread use of this new system could be part of the solution to the looming threat of water scarcities worldwide…
Thanks to its simplicity, the system is cheap to manufacture and far more reliable than existing products on the market today

The inventor’s main reason for conducting his research was to find a way to control crop watering according to the soil’s actual needs, in order to rationalise water consumption and thereby optimise plant growth.

The concept presented here is the successful outcome of these efforts – a fully functional device of extremely simple design, requiring a very low production outlay.
Because the device operates with no battery or electrical components, it is environmentally sound and unequalled in durability and reliability.

The inventor believes that introducing this new concept on a large scale, especially in the world’s most drought-prone areas, would help to stop wasteful use of the planet’s freshwater resources.
To achieve this goal, the inventor is seeking cooperation with committed investors who would be interested in financing the marketing of the product and/or in acquiring a manufacturing licence.

SELFFLOW ®, a registered trademark, is protected under the PCT, with patents pending for the USA, Australia and Europe. These three regions account for almost 90% of the world market for irrigation valves and control devices.

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