Automatic transmission for Bikes and small Cars up to 800 cc

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The vehicle automatically picks up any gear ratio from zero to infinity to exactly suit the load condition, cutting down the fuel consumption to the minimum, and extending the vehicle life to the maximum. The response to the load change is quite fast. The built in "hill hold " property provides safe take off on steep inclination. There is no clutch or gear lever with in the system. The system incorporates an epicyclic gear train and is Ideally suited for women drivers.There is no similar technology so far in the world.
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There is no other piece of intellectual property associated with this invention. This is one of my 15 inventions in the Automobile sector.

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Started: 2013-11-01 05:42:05

Closing: 2015-11-01 05:00:00

Seller: varunny (India)

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