Portable Wind/Water Turbine

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This recently patented portable turbine, standing at about 30 - 40 cms high, is intended for use in any offgrid situation where there is sufficient wind strength or water flow to rotate the blades. Looking like a lantern, its sturdy attachable lower compartment houses a typical gear box and generator, and also a connectable to allow electricity to be directly available for use (in the water function) or stored in batteries (in the wind function).

As a wind turbine, it may be used on stationary vehicles to increase electrical power, and positioned so as to be retractable when the vehicles are moving.

The design solves the problem of acquiring electricity when camping, boating, in sheds and greenhouses, and where larger turbines are not appropriate or too expensive.

The design has not been previously marketed, there are no other associated pieces of IP, and no specific conditions of sale, other than the cost of licensing or outright sale will be relatively small due to this being useful to people living in offgrid situations in the Developing Countries.

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Patent information:

GB 2455559


Started: 2014-02-20 16:41:35

Closing: 2016-02-20 16:00:00

Seller: rosjones (United Kingdom)

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