“Zero emission” internal combustion steam engine

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Oil and fossil energy are not renewable and their quantity is limited. Increasing energy demand is emphasizing the need to find alternative energy sources.

On the other hand hydrogen can be used in combustion engines, raising the efficiency of these devices. However, while hydrogen combustion is producing water, it also generates NOx products, and therefore air pollution, through the combustion of Nitrogen contained in the air. This fact is often overlooked.

An answer to the above issues is a high efficiency, no pollution internal combustion motor capable of using hydrogen and water as energy vectors.

Here is the process, in a nutshell:

• Internal combustion Hydrogen/water 2 stroke steam engine producing no CO2 nor NOx rejects in atmosphere.
• Hydrogen high combustion temperature combined with ideal stoichiometric mixture and burned gas absorption by exhausted steam makes for absence of NOx products rejects in atmosphere.
• Water is used to generate high operating pressure.
• Exhausted steam is condensed and condensed water can be re-used in subsequent cycles.
• Engine features a high efficiency.
• Engine has a high power-to-weight ratio since part of it can be made of composition material, owing to low operating temperature.
• Steam pressure on piston exceeds 20,000KPa, thereby generating an impressive torque.
Power is available on demand as engine requires no idling when not needed.
• Engine is silent in operation, owing to low pressure exhausted steam.
• Technology appraised and validated by US University Professor and former NASA Consultant. (available for further development as is the inventor)
• Worldwide patent application evidenced unencumbered character of innovative technology. Patents applied for
in Europe, China, Japan, USA and Canada.
Most current engines can be adapted to the DMA technology.

The technology is ready for pre-production and now available for sale.
All possibilities (selling all rights or licensing) will be considered.

For more information, please contact Wathieu at the “DMA engine company” by email patrick.wathieu@gmail.com or call +32 491986440.

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