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Superpassword USB device for everyone and every computer

[Category : - Computers and computer accessories ]
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A device strengthens a user password while the password occupies the keyboard input buffer of an authenticating system. The device masquerades to the system as a second keyboard. The device strengthens the user password by sending keyboard scan codes, altering the user password by inserting and deleting characters. The device is small, portable, and self-contained. The device is Operating System neutral, and can be constructed to be used with any system that supports compounding plug-and-play keyboards, such as USB keyboards and Bluetooth keyboards. The device can be embedded into common input devices such as mice to impersonate a second keyboard. Use of the device improves overall system security by enforcing strong system passwords without encouraging users to write down passwords that are difficult to remember.

Financial information

I am looking to sell, license, or partner to monetize the device. I have sold a few devices over the Internet and to people I know. Based on feedback I know that the device is marketable and will take off, but because of the many solutions on the market this one gets lost, even though it is the BEST solution out there for the vast majority of people.

There are over 200 million computer users in the United States alone. Every one of these users can benefit from this simple device. It takes a simple seed password like ROBBIE, and converts it to a strong password like DR8OgBcBXIUEUuY. The strong password in the last sentence was created by entering ROBBIE and then pressing a button on my own device currently plugged into my computer (an unused button). This is a strong 15-character password immune to dictionary attacks that cannot be hacked even if the password hashes are stolen. For example the recent password losses at ebay did not affect my account at all.

Furthermore, the device can be used to protect physical computers at the primary logon or even the EPROM boot password. Software password managers CANNOT DO THIS, because you must already be logged onto a computer to use the software.

If the device is lost or stolen all computer accounts are still protected as long as the thief does not know the seed password! Both the seed password and the device must be present to create the superpassword. Once the superpassword is constructed within the keyboard input field on the computer (seed+device), that superpassword is passed on the the system for authentication, and is then erased from the input buffer by the system. The superpassword need never be seen by a single human being!

If the system password needs to be changed regularly, the device can generate a new sequence of characters to be applied to the seed password, but the seed password that the user enters never needs to change - the user does not need to keep remembering a new password every 30 days, for example.

This device behaves like a USB keyboard and/or flash drive, so every computer already has the necessary device driver to instantly use this device. Every OS is supported, Windows, MAC OS, iPADs, Linux, UNIX. Even public computers such as at public libraries, school libraries, offices, Hotels, airports, etc can instantly use the device without any software.

For example, I recently had to electronically sign an online document at my Realtor's office. I carry the device on my key chain everywhere I go. I just plugged in my device from my key chain, logged in to my email, and signed the document. The Realtor was using Windows 7.

More information can be found at

If only 1% of the 200 millions users bought a $15 device, with a $10 gross profit per device, this would be 10 million dollars. There are possible designs that could gross more than $10 per device, including licensing the design to USB keyboard and flash drive makers for easy added value. If the device takes off like I think it will, more than 1% of the 200 million users will buy some kind of device covered by this patent.

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