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[Category : - SOFTWARES]
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The invention relates to a system for monitoring open-circuit independent respiratory protection of a user of a pressurized container, in particular firefighters, divers, hazmat teams, military personnel, ... and comprising :

(1) an open-circuit independent respiratory protection,
(2) at least two communication units suitable for exchanging between them on the one hand information concerning at least the immediate gas pressure in the pressurized container and on the other hand information concerning the course of intervention
(3) a computer, suitable for executing a computer-implemented monitoring pro-gram (4), that is not carried by the carrier of the independent respiratory protection and
(4) a computer-implemented monitoring program.

Financial information

- Worldwide market;
- Price (outright sale, license with royalties, ...) to be negotiated;
- IP goes with a ready to launch product (software named 'Flow Control 300', available in English, Dutch, German and French);

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