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A completely new system for cooling or heating

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This simple system can be use instead of usual air-conditioners.


-No compressor
-very simple, very few parts, so cheaper than usual systems
-No noise at all
-Can be made in any size (for example can be used to cool a house or a CPU in a laptop)
-No moving part (except the fluid)

How it works:
It contains a filter, an electrical field and an ionic fluid.
According to Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution a fluid contains fast(or hot) and slow(or cold) molecules.This system uses a filter to separate this two groups and provide cold or hot fluid.Electrical field is used as a pump to push ions in a specific direction.

Financial information

Market Potential

-It can be used for heating or cooling everywhere, for houses, cars, refrigerators or in electrical equipment to cool a special part like a CPU.

-For sale or licence.

-It has not been sold or marketed before.

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