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Portable ice fishing hut

[Category : - Fishing and hunting]
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A portable ice fishing hut consisting of sturdy plastic roof and floor shells secured together by collapsible supports. The walls of the hut are manufactured from a flexible skin, and the entire structure can be collapsed together for convenient storage and transport. This ice hut sets up in seconds and can be taken down in seconds. It is in one compact expandable unit which makes it convenient and practical. There are no poles or attachments, it is a one unit portable ice hut that can also be stored and transported with ease. This is different than all other ice huts in that it has a plastic floor and it is all a one piece collapsible shell unit. There are none like it! It can set up and taken down in less than 10 seconds.

Financial information

I am looking to sell this patent and/or a license agreement with royalties. I had several companies interested in it several years ago, one was a major manufacturer. I will add more information later. I can be reached by email and/or phone. 319-939-8472.

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