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The SnubbPack snubber system designed to braking the door dipper on the large rope shovel. Designed on the principle caliper brake, capacity and versatility of the invention are that the brake system is adaptable to any type of equipment.. The enormous cylinders are controlled by an accumulator and a bank valve sytem, allowing him to remain effective and allows at the same moment an adjustment of the pressure by a small portable power pack. Set apart its robustness unequalled, the system applies an equal strength and power of braking between its units eliminates completely the torsion stress them being able to be subjected to the dipper door. SnubbPack use an ecological fluid to meet the standards of the industry and the sustainable development.

In summary SnubbPack contains and offer 5 major advantages :

• Incredible hydraulic braking power (until 7000 psi).
• The braking performance is evenly distributed between all units.
• The adjustment done in a few minutes with only a portable hydraulic power pack.
• Eliminate the falling risk, by a ground operation.
• Hydraulic system with a ecological fluid.

SnubbPack is designed in two versions, the model with simple calliper allowing to limit the space and intended for the dipper of smaller scales and finally the model with double calliper designed for large dipper.

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