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System for reduced distributed event handling in a network

[Category : - Computers and computer accessories ]
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The present disclosure details a system, apparatus and method for reducing the redundant handling of distributed network events. In one aspect, a proxy node is selected from a plurality of network nodes and an associated network management station ("NMS") preferably addresses only the distributed events received from the proxy node. In an alternate embodiment, non-proxy nodes may be limited to reporting node-specific events to the NMS, resulting in a reduction of the number of distributed events received and processed by the NMS to those sent by the proxy node. The proxy node may be selected by the NMS or by the network nodes, in alternate implementations. Availability of the proxy node may be monitored and ensured by the network nodes or by the NMS. The selection of a proxy node is generally repeated upon the addition of nodes to the network or a lapse in proxy node availability.

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