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Multi-blade ice removing windshield wiper assembly

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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A multi-blade ice removing windshield wiper assembly has a support frame carrying an axially rotatable elongate body having three radially extending spacedly arrayed windshield engaging blades. A toothed blade having a plurality of teeth scores accumulated frost and ice on a windshield while windshield wiper arm moves in a first direction. Spacedly adjacent shaving blade clears away the scored frost and ice from the windshield as the windshield wiper arm moves in the second opposite direction. Third flexible wiper blade removes rain and water from the windshield and may be selectively engaged when the frost and ice removing blades are not needed. Locking mechanism positionally secures the elongate body within the support frame to prevent unwanted axial rotation of the body within the support frame.

Financial information

I am looking for an outright sale with royalties. Market potential is in the 80 percentile. I have a working prototype.

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