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Universal storm panel locking device

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- Tools- Security and alarms]
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Universal storm panel locking device Shutter guardian. transforms multiple types of existing and market available storm panels/ hurricane shutters and mounting systems into a security system protecting windows and door openings and preventing panel metal theft, burglary, vandalism and storm damage. The locking device will make multiple panel and mounting system stronger during a storm. The locking device is a perfect solution for emergency board-ups. Traditional plywood is cumbersome, unsightly and time consuming. The locking device works with traditional clear polycarbonate panels to allow light and visibility, is easier and quicker to install, store neatly for reuse with the same degree of protection.

The locking device is a must for seasonal home and business owners that shutter during summer hurricane season absence. These shuttered properties have become noticeable targets for burglars and vandals.

Traditional storm panels / hurricane shutters are primarily used in hurricane prone regions. The locking device gives these panels / shutters the ability to be expanded into all regions as a security system including; Bank (foreclosed), investor and rental properties reducing liability exposer and vandalism.

The locking device is unique to the market with US D710,183 granted patent and US and granted non-provisional Utility US 9,027,280 B2 with 20 claims.

Financial information

Optional offering; partial sale, partnership or licensing agreement.

Locking device is currently in manufacturing stage. Ecommerce site website under construction.

Negotiation with panel manufactures, independent panel suppliers and installers and rental companies.

Large US and foreign market.

Home burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the US

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