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[Category : - Computers and computer accessories ]
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The present invention is a stand alone item directed to an Computer power cord that has a receptacle outlet embeded in its housing capable of extending electricle prevelges to other computer users that are out of reach of the wall outlets, The present invention may also include a secound rechargiable and replaceable battery within the same housing. In addition to allowing access to a power receptacle from a single power source, the present invention eliminates the need to carry any other cord. The single enhanced computer power cord will allow multiple users to power their accessories, i.e. notebook computers /cell phones or video camaras from a single power source. The present invention may also have a wireless card allowing devices connected to the USB port to gain access to a WIFI network. THIS INVENTION EMBODIES ANY ONE OF THREE PRODUCTS THAT CAN BE BROUGHT TO MARKET : EXAMPLES (1) A COMPUTER POWER CORD WITH AN ELECTRICAL OUTLET EMBEDED IN IT'S HOUSING (2) A COMPUTER POWER CORD WITH A ELECTRICAL OUTLET EMBEDED IN IT'S HOUSING TO INCLUDED A RECHARGABLE /REPLACABLE BATTERY. (3) A COMPUTER POWER CORD WITH A REPLCEABLE RECHARGIBLE BSATSTERY.

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The inventor is primarily seeking a license agreement with royalty arrangement, However will consider an outright purchase of the patent.

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