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Interacting Display for Shooting Games working on LCD/OLED

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Photodetector matrix is constructed on face of LCD/OLED display for measuring infrared light-spot on the display projected from shooting gun. An improvement over current technology. It solves the problem that Zapper gun fails to work LCD/OLED.

Financial information

Infrared light beam from shooting gun is projected onto a TV screen. The infrared light-spot on the TV screen is measured with a matrix of photo-detecting elements on the TV screen. The measured position of the infrared light-spot is the bullet position.

Light-detecting plates with photodetector matrix constructed on transparent substrate can be manufactured independently by third party manufacturers. These Light-detecting plates can be assembled into final consumer products by TV manufactures.

Once the market for TV with enhanced shooting experience becomes sufficiently large, those TV manufactures can modify their production lines to add light-detectors on the same substrate that pixels are manufactured, with little increase in the manufacturing cost for each TV.

Televisions with enhanced shooting experience for game consoles (e.g.Wii, Xbox, PlayStation) can be important for game box manufacturers. Some of the popular shooting games for consoles could be improved with more realistic shooting guns.

Arcade game manufactures porting some of the classical CRT-based shooting games to LCD displays.

Our game gun has no range restriction and offers more user friendly gaming environment. It can be used more realistically as the sniper rifle for video games, because it has much better precision than current technologies.

One related patent application is pending:
Pub 20140168521

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