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Fuel saving devices for busses and tractor trailers

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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A tri-wing system for reduction of aerodynamic drag on a ground vehicle comprises one or more vanes/wings designed to redirect airflow toward low pressure areas behind the ground vehicle. The wings are mountable a bottom rear of the vehicle, a bottom rear of a trailer attached to the ground vehicle, and/or a top rear of the trailer attached to the ground vehicle. Airflow travels through a gap between an inner surface of the wing and the vehicle and is redirected toward an area behind the vehicle at an angle relative to the mounting surface of the vehicle. The increase in the pressure behind the vehicle can reduce the total drag force on the vehicle, thereby reducing fuel consumption by 8%.

Financial information

I am looking for outright sale of the patent. The product can be used on tractors, trailers and busses. The addition of each vane reduces the aerodynamic drag which will reduce the total fuel consumption of the vehicle. The sale price of the vanes is lower than that of similar items in the market.

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