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A new and distinct way to play any and all real sports games without each team being in the same building. This is a real Game that two real teams will be playing, each team have to be in a building that is across town or in another town, city or state to be able to play this new way, This is not a video game but a real game like in a real football game, each player will feel each hit, block, catch the football run the football against the other team and when the defensive player tackle the offensive player the play will stop. as if they are on the same field with each other.

Financial information

I want to outright sell this Invention with the set amount of $s with a percent of royalties in ever building that this invention is played. This Invention has never been sold on the market before, there are over 19,000 cities in the United States and there can be more than two building for this invention in each city and for each team will pay $250.00 to play the game that they want to play. The website for this invention is

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