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Trash Can with built in trash bag holder

[Category : - Appliances and houseware]
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This trash can with a bag receptacle and trash bag dispenser system holds 40 to 60 bags. No more storing loose trash bags in the bottom of your trash can. In this simply designed trash can, the trash bags are stored in the trash can in an enclosed area separate from the trash bag receptacle. The design of this trash can allows for a sanitary and convenient way to empty the trash and have a new clean trash bag at your fingertips. This unique trash can makes the chore of taking out the trash convenient and eliminates the need for additional storage of trash bags.

Description: The front wall of the container has a slotted opening which extends from the bottom floor upwards along substantially the entire length of the front wall. A channel member with an open top and bottom extends inward into the container, enclosing the slotted opening within the container. A base section supporting the container has an interior space in which a roll of trash bags is rotatably mounted. A single trash bag from the roll is threaded from the interior space and through the channel. The trash bag exits from the open top of the channel where its perforation is separated from the roll of trash bags. The adjacent, next trash bag on the roll remains in the channel member.
A new, clean trash bag is thus easily accessible to the user by simply pulling the next trash bag which is exposed through the open top of the channel member.

Financial information

I am interested in licensing this product, but would consider selling it outright. I have submitted the product to a large trash can manufacturer and I am waiting for a response.

There is great market potential for this patented product with 116 million households in the US alone.

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