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Scholastic Quest Phonetic Board Game

[Category : - Board games- Educational]
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Scholastic Quest presents each player the platform to have fun with both common letters and phonemes as they form words with them.
Each of the players has a common objective—
To form as many words as possible and score the highest point
To stop an opponent from advancing to Diadem Square
To form polysyllabic words for higher points
1 Pack, 4 Options!
Option 1(form words with phonemes or sound letters)
Option 2(form words with common letters)
Option 3(form words with cards and use them to form sentences)
Option 4(contestant asks co-contestant to form specific word labels and place them on the card-ports. For instance, player A asks player B to form a word that is an adjective, and player B asks player A to form a word that is a noun and on and on.
Design Advantages
• Simple Rules
• Easy to Play
• Word Spelling in Common Letters and Sound Letters
• English Phonemes and Common Letters on Same Card
• Enriches Players’ Vocabulary
• Enhances Correct Pronunciation of Words
• Creates Opportunity for Sentence Formation for More Points
• Provides Card-ports that Label words and increase Point Value
• Increases Thinking Speed and Communication Skills
• Comes with An Easy-to-Fold board

Financial information

I want an outright sale of the board game. It has a trademark as well as a website.

The website is Link

This game is designed for native speakers of English, and ESL users. It enhances spelling, Phonemic awareness, and general knowledge--science, history, grammar.

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