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Golf Shoe

[Category : - Golf]
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a Golf shoe that offers traction with zero damage and stud pressure.

Upon walking and standing the spikes are retracted within the sole.
Only a small portion of the spike extends from the bottom of the sole.

Upon walking on the putting surface and any infrastructure, the spikes actually gets pushed to a position that is level to the walking surface.

Once a player addresses his or her ball in order to play a shot on the fairway, tee box or even in the rough, the spikes are still passive.

Once the leading foot makes the natural movement of turning towards the target, the spike are extended outwards
It is absolutely dictated by the attempt to rotate the foot towards the target and therefore extends out of the sole and grabs hold of the turf.
In doing so, it offers the maximum amount of grip for a golfer

One of the most important advantages is that the spikes have been designed to allow for turning around on the putting surface without damaging the surface.

As with all other shoes, recklessness and deliberate disrespect for the surface due to human error cannot be eliminated.

Furthermore, the shoe has Zero stud pressure and thus more of a health factor for any golfer.

Another factor is that the spikes never need to replaced due to wear and tear.

Financial information

Outright sale at $ 500 000.00 or licence ( $ 300 000.00) with royalties (5% of gross sales)

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