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[Category : - SOFTWARES- Advertising methods]
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Executive Summary

Our platform delivers Interactive Mobile Advertising to potential Customers in Retail areas where they are most likely to make a purchase.

The Problem--
The Marketing arena of the Wearables category (t-shirts, caps, handbags etc.) captured 30% of the total Promotional Products category equaling $5.31 Billion of total revenue. They have been a genuine and highly leveraged marketing channel for many decades but with NO mass improvements or advances until now...Technology improvements are HERE---

Our patent-pending marketing platform dramatically improves the effectiveness and reach of these marketing tools through interactive communication and social action.

The Solution--
We track and analyze our Users that display advertising on t-shirts, caps, handbags etc., with a Bluetooth unit attached to the merchandise. We can then track Users by location services through their mobile device. Our User’s become “live” mobile billboards in public areas.

When the potential Consumer views our mobile billboards, they can receive additional information on that product or service advertised. This initiates our interactive marketing campaign by delivering additional advertising via our User’s mobile phone through BlueTooth, Wi-Fi Direct, or Near-Field Communication.

These campaigns can be in the form of sending of coupons, web-page links, videos, or general text; all describing the products or services on our mobile advertising merchandise.

Additional Advertising Avenues:
Social Media Marketing: For exponential reach, all of our Brand’s marketing messages will be posted on the array of our Company’s social media websites to share with all of our followers.
In addition, our Users will be brand advocates for their sponsored Brands and post ads on their social media websites for their friends and family as well.

Mobile Coupons: We also incorporate Mobile Coupons, these will be sent to any of our Users near any of our member or even non-member Brand stores.

Overall, with the above Advertising Strategies--We can offer different ad packages for Brands to fit their particular marketing targets with demographic, reach, frequency, and audience requirements. They can also view their website dashboard for in-depth analysis of their ad campaigns and social media referrals.

The Opportunity--
Along with Promotional Products market segment above, we believe our service is a cross-marketing product within the Out-of-Home (Outdoor) advertising category.

* The Out-of-Home Media Markets total revenue in the U.S. is just over $8.3 Billion
* Billboards account for 65% equals to $5.3 Billion
* Street Ads/Furniture accounts for 6%, equals to $498 Million
* OOH market has been increasing on average about $250 Million per year since 2009

Competitive Advantage--
No other Company can effectively display, track and distribute an advertising campaign to today's highly mobile Consumer for the investment value. While our Competitors may have small niche markets, we will be targeting any and all retail that desire their products/services advertised in public areas.

The Model--
The main revenue will be derived from four sources and paid by the Brands:
1) T-shirt Advertising,
2) Mobile Phone Interactive Marketing,
3) Social Media Referral Marketing, and
4) Mobile Coupons.
A final revenue stream will be derived by our Customer Purchase commissions paid by Amazon.

Using the services above can then be monetized at a moderate marginal cost advancing forward through low-cost user acquisition.

The Numbers--
5-Year Financial Projection Summary-

Brands Users Revenue Expenses Profit
Year #1 68 1025 $787,066 $701,661 $85,405
Year #2 120 1810 $1,790,879 $1,178,215 $612,664
Year #3 162 2433 $2,630,904 $1,641,175 $989,729
Year #4 185 2773 $3,183,696 $1,945,817 $1,237,879
Year #5 236 3533 $3,848,651 $2,219,307 $1,629,344

Financial information

Seeking an out-right sale, partnership, or licensing with royalties.

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