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Patent 9,278,737B2 low clearance fishing robot

[Category : - Camping and Outdoors - Fishing and hunting- Boating]
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A low-clearance remote control fishing robot is disclosed. A domed device casing is mounted between a pair of floats. The top of the device is fitted with a lightweight probe mounted on a spring. Each float has installed within its rear end a pivotal air jet. The air jets are powered by an onboard compressor. Beneath the device casing is a reel of fishing line. An electric motor drives the reel. Sensors are provided to gauge line length and depth and line tension. Onboard depth-finding and fish-finding sonar are provided, as well as other sensing systems, and an above-surface or below surface camera. Two way data communication occurs wirelessly with a remote control unit. A water-impervious carry case is provided to store the device and remote control. A positioning apparatus may be installed for fishing from a fixed position against a boat, pier, or ice hole.

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This invention will offer many new opportunities to the sport.Market potential is great. Would like to get a licensing agreement will consider an Assignment.

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