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Brick pocket

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment]
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A brick prefabricated pocket construction element which becomes part of a cornice of a building under construction comprising a molded form made of metal, plastic, or vinyl, that is positioned on top of a brick wall facing. The device includes a soffit pocket. The brick pocket eliminates lumber for brick pockets and reduces maintenance. The brick pocket comprises a flat backplate with screw holes adjacent the top and bottom edges. A horizontal lip or soffit flange is positioned below the screw holes adjacent the top edge of the backplate. A cover wall is spaced below the horizontal lip. The horizontal plate extends from the back plate and has a vertical face or outer wall that extends downward and is spaced from the back plate to form the brick pocket. The space between the horizontal lip and the horizontal plate forms the soffit pocket.

Brick Pocket is used on brick homes or brick buildings. It makes the transition from your brick wall to your soffit all in one product. It has many advantages, it looks great and is virtually maintenance free, easy installation, adds curb appeal.

Brick Pocket reduces the need for j-channel, lumber, or metal framing required to build a conventional brick pocket with freeze board.

Brick Pocket is so simple that it actually works.

Financial information

Brick Pocket patent is available for outright sell, or would consider a license with royalties or another form of partnership.

Brick Pocket has already sold in fourteen different states. Almost 1/3 of new home construction will use brick in the United States, This in itself is a large market, now add condos, apartments, commercial buildings etc.

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