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~soalr defrost sheet~

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- ELECTRICITY & LIGHTING- RENEWABLE ENERGY]
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Solar Sheet 3.0
Invention idea?:
This product will provide almost a 100% efficiency of a solar panel during winter operations, as well freezing conditions also limited protection from falling objects. How this works is similar to a vehicles rear defrost. By utilizing the solar inverter as a source of constant power, the solar sheet will heat up when a thermal switch seeing that the temp of the glass has reached 36º fahrenheit. In locations where snowy conditions are constant ie.Alaska. Solar Sheet would run off the solar modules banked power and or the numerous other power that is being rectified in the inverter. Each sheet would have a weather proof conection to the adjacent sheet completing the circuit all through the solar modules. Application and or materials of Solar Sheet is that of clear weather worthy (poly carbonate) paper backed, peel n stick process and or same processes of a screen protector.
Official Record of Invention Submission Date: Sat Dec 21 16:09:05 EST 2013

As of yet there is no product on the market for keeping snow off your solar panels, and definitely nothing that stops the accumulation of ice and snow.

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I'm looking to sell this invention with a royalties percentage attached. This invention has not been sold or marketed. In turn I have received the market research, engineering feasibility, and patent search on this invention, with the assistance of Patently Brilliant. The provisional patent application was filled the 28th day Of May 2014.

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