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Chemical pigging apparatus including an inflatable device

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The remote controlled chemical pigging apparatus includes a housing and an inflatable device. The inflatable device contains chemicals to dissolve hardened or fossilized materials or contaminants contained within the interior portion of a pipeline, such as an oil or gas pipeline. At a specific location in the pipeline, such as at a pig apparatus receiver portion of the pipeline, the inflatable device is inflated and exploded to disperse the pipeline chemicals contained therein onto the hardened materials or contaminants that have fossilized within the pipeline. The hardened, fossilized materials or contaminants are then dissolved to liquefy the contaminants and, subsequently, to discharge the liquefied contaminants through a drain located in the pipeline. A method of cleaning a pipeline with a remote controlled chemical pigging apparatus having an inflatable device is also provided.

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It Will help to not influence the nature and because of the fragmentation of harmful substances, which means not to use any chemical substances harmful to nature

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