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Hemp Lime

[Category : - CHEMISTRY- Construction Processes & Equipment- Organic Chemistry]
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Hemp Lime ( Patent pending )
Composition of matter
High quality calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime) +
Cannabis sativa L wood core( hemp Hurd powder)
=hemp lime powder
Primarily 50L-50H - 95L-5H

Hemp lime is used as an ingredient in cement concrete and asphalt pavement manufacture.
.5-3% of dry ingredient mass.

It is a fact, that mixing a small percentage of high quality hydrated lime with traditional cement and aggregates results in stronger longer lasting pavements.
But by using hemp lime powder as an additional ingredient instead of traditional hydrated lime stronger, more elastic, weather resistant pavements are made.
The crystalline silica binds with the non crystalline silica in the hemp fibers.
This improves air flow allowing equal thawing underneath the road in the spring preventing pothole formation. Once the pavement has cured the hemp fiber resists water and ice formation preventing cracks, and improving safety in the winter.
Primarily benifitial in regions that experience the freeze-thaw cycle.

Hemp Lime is an individual ingredient to be used by manufacturers.

1 picture: concrete containing 1% hemp of dry ingredients
2 picture: hemp lime
3 picture: ice formation on hemp lime pavement
4 picture: ice formation on traditional pavement
** same amount of water used**

Financial information

Pictures, expiremental data, and samples of product available.
I am looking to lease this composition exclusively or non exclusively
for an initial cash payment and a small percent of royalties.

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