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"Light's Up" Illuminated Bean Bag Toss Game

[Category : - Toys and games]
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Provided is an illuminated toss game having at least one (1) game piece that is tossed into at least one (1) scoring hole located in a top surface of a playing platform. The toss game further includes an optional speaker and various lighting devices that are activated when a game piece is tossed through a scoring hole. To sense when a game piece passes through a scoring hole the toss game also includes a detector that emits an electrical signal that causes lights near the scoring hole to signal that a point has been scored. The toss game further includes an on-board battery, power and audio ON/OFF switches, and a controller that causes various lighting and sound effects (sound can be optional for next generation board) to occur. Additionally, the game piece includes illuminated Bean Bag Lights.

Financial information

Hello everyone. I am currently looking for a plastic's or toy manufacturer who is willing to be my partner and help me get started with manufacturing and distributing my "Light's Up" Illuminated Bean BagToss Game with Illuminated Bean Bags. I recently recieved my Utility Patent from the USPTO and my self, my patent help company and many of my engineering friends believe this is a great new spin on an old established game of Cornhole which in the past has sold millions of game boards. I know our's would sell very well especially in the summer and Christmas seasons as if you check around in all kinds of Toy or Deptartment stores I have found none or very few boards such as this one with different color LED lighting and flashing lights. Each square hole would have it's own LED colored lights (Green, Blue, Red Yellow) boarding the hole so each player would know which hole they scored through and how many points they have scored. With Square Holes vs Round Holes each player has a 12% greater chance of scoring because each corner gives you 3% more open area. (good selling point) Also a very nice feature of this board game is you can very the points you want to play to for a winner. Little kids can play up to a smaller amount of points for a winner and older players can play to a higher amount of points for a winner. The boards themselves are very light weight, easy to carry around with the side mounted handle and great for all ages of players for tailgating at sports parking lots, picnics, church functions, school events any kind of family or business gathering the list goes on and on. The board also folds in half which means it will take up half the shelving space in stores, half the room in a vehicle and half the room in your toy closet at home. Future licensing for different team logos on the face of the board is also an option to consider.
I would like for myself a small percentage around 10% royalty from each item ordered from retailers. I have design and drawing information also a short virtual prototype video at my website for anyone interested to view. I would also be willing to forgo a small percentage of my royalty to the manufacturer until they get there initial investment back. The approximate selling range is between $65.00 to $75.00 I am easy to work with and a very patient, willing to learn inventor. Also looking for someone to help make a working prototype of my "Light's Up" bean bag board and the bags. Doesn't have to be fancy but something that is close to the video and patent diagrams. Thanks for reading.

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