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Scentcase - protective case with refillable perfume bottle .

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The product carries a refillable perfume bottle on the back of the case that can be filled with every perfume you like , the bottle can come in any size ( height , width and boldness ) and contain a different amount of perfume depends on the size , the pictures shows an example for the sizes i made :

Height : 7.1 cm
Witdh : 4.5 cm
Thickness : 1.1 cm

The protective case offering a protection from falling , scratching and more .
The product offering the user this extra benefit from protecting his phone , everywhere he goes he will have his own personal favorite perfume .

Financial information

I'm looking to sell the product plus royalties .
The invention has been signed as provisional patent at the USA office in - 16/05/2014 and haven't been marked or sold since than due to personal reasons , this is the first time that this invention is published anywhere .
The market potential is huge ! for example - if you had a long day and you've got an important meeting and you smell bad , you just pull out your phone , and you are fresh again .
If you are a smoker , so when you done smoking you can freshen up yourself , If its the student that been to gym class that has been sweating for an hour , he can smell good just by bringing his phone with him .
This time , all of the quality cases that been selling around the world have an average price of - 50$ , so you can see that you can bring your investment back quick .

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