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The invention relates to a system for trapping atmospheric emissions, made up of a liquefaction tank which contains a liquid that traps the dust, smokes or gas, which are injected into the same through a main duct, to which the source of the emission to be trapped is connected, said duct including a first fan which operates by absorbing and propelling the dust, smoke and gas, guiding same into the liquefaction tank, said duct being sealed at the end of thereof, the side walls of the duct comprising at least ten outlet openings, the invention also comprising a system with at least two walls with the same effect and perforations, this causing the liquefaction of the trapped material, likewise, the invention comprises a cooling system, which guides the liquid from the tank into a serpent coil and from there to a pump which generates the recirculation of the liquid
at the top of the tank, the invention comprises an outlet duct via which the gases produced by liquefaction are guided into a compressor, which has the function of compressing the gases and injecting same into a first gas-storage tank.

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I'm seeking for someone to buy or rent license of my patent, or in the case an investor, to develop the project of capture of polluting emissions. I already own the title for the same patent in Mexico trough PCT, I did the registration form for USA...CHINA and Canada. In such way I want to negociate with this patented project on any of these countries, for information or contact: [Use the button below to contact me] This project consists of a Licuation Dispositive To Capture Contaminating Emissions of home fireplace / chimney or Industry depending the case.


Estoy buscando quien compre o rente la Licencia de la Patente, o en su caso un Inversionista, para desarrollar el proyecto de Captura de Emisiones Contaminantes, Ya cuento con el Titulo de la Misma en México y por medio del PCT, realice la Solicitud de Registro en E.U ,,, CHINA Y Canadá. De tal manera que Quiero Negociar con este Proyecto ya Patentado en cualesquiera de estos Países, Para Informes y Contacto: [Use the button below to contact me] Este proyecto consiste en Un Dispositivo de Licuación para Capturar la Emisiones Contaminantes de una Chimenea de Casa o Industria Según sea el Caso.

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