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Mobile integrated Water Jet cutter for handheld use

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An international PCT patent on the concept of combining the pressure pump and cutting head of a water jet cutting machine, creating a new class of portable cutting tool which can replace angle grinders and provide for a healthier worker environment.

This invention and patent is the result of a project to look for a solution to silica dust exposure (which is carcinogenic). After evaluating technologies water jet cutting was found to provide the most definitive solution to issues industrial and construction workers were facing.
Together with one of the top patent attorneys at V.O. Patents & Trademarks we were able to submit for a patent on both the technical workings of the device as well as the general principle of integrating a water jet cutting machine. We received a very favourable search report and this year the PCT document got published.

The PCT document abstract:
A water jet cutter for cutting materials using a jet of water or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance at high velocity has a low pressure water inlet conduit (2), a pump (3) downstream of the water inlet conduit (2), a motor (4) for driving the pump (3), at least one high pressure water conduit (5) downstream of the pump (3). A restriction (6) forming a downstream end of the high pressure water conduit (5), for allowing water to exit the high pressure water conduit (5), a high speed nozzle (7) downstream of the restriction (6), and a pump housing (8) containing the high pressure water conduit (5). The restriction (6) and the high speed nozzle (7) are fixedly mounted to the pump housing (8).

The project started as a cooperation between three companies, but was put on hold after our production partner had to retreat for personal reasons. By listing our IP here we present a great opportunity for the prospective buyer. Next to the technology the patent has a strong strategic value due to it's wide scope.

Financial information

This patent has a huge potential, in that the technology aims to provide a solution to a global and increasingly strictly regulated problem, bringing water jets to a market that is several orders of a magnitude larger. With fines for exposing workers to the dust and noise produced by angle grinders increasing every year, the demand for a replacing technology rises.

For sale are the patent, including a partially finished prototype, CAD files, design documentation and several relevant domain names.

Relevant domain names include: (MicroJet Water Technology, the working name for the start-up company)
The last ones are SEO friendly and in Dutch and international format. I also have some general (construction) safety related domains that could be relevant and optionally I'd be willing to include them (contact me for the names).

I've updated the post to include an asking price, this price is what I'd need to cover the costs so far and includes my local fees to facilitate the transfer and ship prototype parts.

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