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Bubble-free electrodes for electrokinetic fluidics

[Category : - CHEMISTRY- HEALTH- Pumps]
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We have developed and patented technology for using printed conducting polymers in electrokinetic devices to eliminate the bubbles and pH-changes caused by electrolysis of water. By performing electrochemistry on the conducting polymers instead of oxidizing and reducing water, our materials can safely be used in applications such as electrophoresis and electro-osmosis for lab-on-a-chip (uTAS) systems, laboratory-scale chemistry and biological equipment, or even larger systems, where bubbles and pH-changes are unacceptable (e.g. when handling proteins).

Additionally, the materials we prefer are solution-processable and flexible, meaning that they can be processed and used in a variety of ways (textiles, 3D-printing, etc.).

Financial information

We are looking for investors, customers interested in licensing our technology, customers interested in co-developing products, and potentially the outright sale of our technology.

We can, of course, provide technical support and consulting services associated with this technology.

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