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[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment]
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FIELD: machine building. ^ SUBSTANCE: device for field pipeline flameless heating consists of cylinder case by means of branches connected to at least two collectors and arranged concentrically on pipeline forming circular space between case and pipeline. Heat carrier circulates in this space. Also the collectors have an inlet branch with an installed there burner and a fan. The case can axially travel relative to the pipeline. ^ EFFECT: inexpensive device for pipeline heating, raised process indices of device, intensification of heat exchange, reduced wear of pipeline and reduced expenditures for repair and check of condition
raised fire safety
simple fabrication without special equipment. ^ 2 cl, 3 dwg
The invention relates to the oil and petrochemical industry and can be used as heaters pipelines designed to transport oil and oil products. Widespread in the construction of pipelines as an Autonomous, economical, safe and most effective in conditions of Western Siberia.

Financial information

Device for flameless heating of flowlines - "DRAGON" as it was nicknamed by the builders has become widespread in the construction of pipelines in Western Siberia and most construction companies use my device violating my intellectual property rights. The market potential is great but in Russia it is very difficult to prove infringement of intellectual property and I am 72 years. So I decided to sell the patent for the invention.
I also have a couple of ideas but I haven't patented.

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