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Slot machine shaped can crushers

[Category : - OTHER- Toys and games- Tools]
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A slot machine shaped can crusher comprising: an outer case formed as a hollow rectangular shaped box with an open roof, the roof of the case including a large aperture and one sidewall including a circular aperture, the lower portion of the front wall extending frontwardly therefrom, the lower portion including a rectangular shaped hole with a generally rectangular shaped removable tray positioned therein
and an inner frame comprised of a horizontally positioned planar floor and two vertically positioned planar side brackets, a plurality of rollers being coupled between the brackets, one of the rollers including a plurality of symbol wheels positioned therearound, a plurality of rubber belts being positioned around at least two of the rollers, a plurality of drive cables being positioned around at least two of the rollers, a handle being operatively coupled to at least one of the rollers and adapted to cause rotational movement of the rollers when pulled by a user, the moving rollers causing an inserted can to be crushed therein, the inner frame adapted to be coupled within the outer case in the operative orientation.

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