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Wireless Power Charge for Information Devices

[Category : - Computers and computer accessories ]
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This patent claims ALL wireless power charge methods for authentication device including but not limited to gadget that requires a personal account to access and to operate, such as cell phone and/or personal computing device in various form factors.

There are already millions of devices in market able to do wireless power charge by either induction or resonance or both. All methods are claimed in the patent.

Current patent owner does not use the patent and has no intention or resource to go after those who infringe patent claims. Therefore it is here for public auction.

Same patent has been granted in Taiwan (ROC) and in China (PRC), both automatically covered in this auction.

Financial information

1. Recently Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway agreed to buy Duracell brand battery products division from Procter & Gamble. Though primarily known for its alkaline batteries, analysts believe the acquisition could have implications in the areas of wireless power. For example, the new investment may accelerate Duracell's plans to place PowerMat charging devices in Starbucks coffee shops, more than 21,000 worldwide.

2. In fact market is already in existence. Check "Link for gadgets available by Qi standard, and please note Qi is just one of the three consortiums for wireless power charge standard.

3. We seek buyer, not licensee, in this deal. New owner of the patent will have a strong legal position to protect its business and to go after those in list who have infringed the patent.

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