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Detector for dry rot fungus (S. lacrymans) in buildings.

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment]
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A sensor that enables dry rot Serpula lacrimans in a building to be located and surveyed without the usual disruption to the building fabric. The sensor is a dual-purpose device that detects the presence of wood destroying fungi within the fabric of a building before wood rot takes place. It enables locations that are at risk from rot to be identified and detects the presence of the growth of wood rot fungi by changing colour. The extent of a wood rot problem can be mapped out and visualised. The sensor enables the viability of wood destroying fungi within the building fabric to be assessed. The success of any remedial work can be verified by determining if the wood destroying fungi remain alive or viable.

Financial information

Licensing agreement with royalty payments ended. Sale required due to retirement of patent owner.

This technology has the potential to save many thousands in unnecessary disruptive investigations.

It can help to retain high value, often priceless historic artefacts, in buildings, that would otherwise be removed.

It also functions as a moisture sensor that will, in conjunction with an electronic moisture meter, give an accurate quantitative measurement of moisture in walls. This is a major advance in flood remediation.

Pre-existing conditions can be identified and their effects quantified.

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