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[Category : - OTHER- Advertising methods- Navigation and orientation]
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A low profile highway sign trailer wherein the message board positioned lengthwise resting upon the trailer frame during transport. The rear end of the sign board is fastened to and raised vertically by a rack, utilizing gearing and portable power drill or the like. The trailer tongue pivots on the frame to a vertical position utilizing a curved rack, to add support to the forward end of the sign board and locked in that position. Two handles are provided for manually positioning the trailer at a desired display angle. A rear section may house a generator and/or battery packs and solar panels are located on the roof. The trailer can store equipment accessible from both sides and the rear. This message board has a patent for both the U. S. and Canada.

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Either or both the U. S. and/or Canadian patents will be assigned to interested parties at a give-away price, just to get the ball rolling.

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