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Roterbar og sammensettbar svart-hvit kule / Yin Yang Sphere

[Category : - Toys and games]
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Roterbar og sammensettbar svart-hvit kule / Yin Yang Sphere

A rotary sphere composed of multiple black and white parts.
Based on mechanical and magnetic force.

Dual solution
Two in one. Rotate to get the right combination or just put the pieces together. Brain training and logical test.

The technique is new and based on symbiosis of magnetic and mechanical engineering. Unique technique containing both Lego and Rubicon technique, ie invention can be used as Lego bricks or Rubicon cube.

More details on: Link

Financial information

My patent is based on Yin Yang philosophy.

Original name of patent/invention was Yin Yang Sphere but the Patent Office in Norway recommended me to change its name to ' Roterbar og sammensettbar svart-hvit kule' / Rotary and, composed black and white ball

Patent / invention can be used as entertainment, intelligence test, ergo therapeutic aid, and the basis for many other secondary products.

Patent details: Link and youtube-video: Link

I am looking for an outright sale.

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