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Baseball swing training apparatus US6923737

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS- Baseball]
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Patent #6923737 A baseball swing training apparatus including that enables a batter to determine whether his swing followed the proper principles for hitting or batting. Oriented for use by both right-handed and left-handed batters it is intended to teach batters how their wrists should react in order to most effectively hit a ball. This generally baseball bat shaped apparatus includes a swing indicator disposed inside the barrel, which impacts one of four impact points producing an audible response when a swing is performed correctly. An incorrect swing produces no audible response. The training apparatus will teach a 5 year old boy or girl to swing a baseball/softball bat correctly without anyone being there. For the advanced user, the training apparatus will reassure the user of a correct swing. This training apparatus is the cure for the batting slump. There are many devices and technologies that say they will help. However, all are either dangerous or flat-out a waste of time. All other devices take two or more to use and teach only contact of the ball not an actual hit or line drive. Not only does the apparatus teach muscle memory at the novice level it will also help the advanced user maintain his or her level of confidence. When a batter is in the ondeck circle many things go through the batters head besides getting a hit. After thinking of all the things that could go wrong in life, the batter will pick up my apparatus and receive instant feedback to let them know that all may be bad but my swing is still good, so lets get a hit! The so called batting slump will be a thing of the pass.

Financial information

I would like to sale my patent for $1,000,000.00 up front (negotiable). I would like to keep 10%, buyer would get 80% of all royalties in this partnership. i also would like 10% to go toward research and devolpment for future devices such as golf, tennis, and hockey if able! This patent has been idle since day 1. The patent has been maintained and is up to date on payments with the USPTO. The market potential of this device is very predictable. When a new training device pops up in any sport everyone has to have it 'cause everyone is looking for that next best thing to stay ahead of the player next to them or your job may be at risk. All i can say is,"in the USA 30 millions boys and girls move up from T-ball to baseball every year. So if we sell each bat, lets say cost $20 to make, for $21 each it would be affordable for everyone to purchase. Thats $30,000,000.00! But, why only charge a $1 for each one when we can charge $1 more than the $300.00 bat they buy to hit with and it does not even teach them how to swing the bat correctly! Go figure!

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