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System for Charging Multiple Portable Electronic Devices

[Category : - ELECTRONICS]
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A system for simultaneously charging the multiple portable electronic devices is used to serially recharge a number of electronic devices without having to use more than one electrical outlet. The system also allows these electronic devices to more evenly distribute electrically power amongst the coupled group of devices. The multiple portable electronic devices can be coupled to send and receive electrical power by a plurality of charging conduits, which can be retractable plugs, power cables, or induction coils.


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The Integrated Electronic Device Charging Socket comprises a charging socket and charging connector that are integrated in an electronic device, such as a mobile phone, laptop, tablet computer or Bluetooth earpiece, and allows simultaneous charging. The charging sockets and charging connectors may be of any form including, but not limited to, a Universal Serial Bus (USB) and a 3.5 mm connection. To join two electronic devices, the charging connector of one device is inserted into the charging socket of the other. As each electronic device and accessory features both a charging socket and a charging connector, a virtually limitless number of devices may be interconnected for charging. A device with an unoccupied charging socket is connected to an external power source by means of a power cable to simultaneously charge both the electronic device as well as any connected devices. In the absence of an external power source, the user is able to select one of the connected electronic devices to supply power to the other devices by simply connecting the Integrated Electronic Device Charging Sockets. The connector portion of the Integrated Electronic Device Charging Socket is retractable into the body of the electronic device. This allows the charging connector to maintain a low profile on the surface of the electronic device when not in use. All devices are expected to be fully functional while connected and charging is in progress.

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