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[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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Apparatus for installing and removing road wheels from a motor vehicle, which may include a powered jack permanently mountable to the vehicle and a powered tool for tightening and loosening lug nuts and screws. The jack is an assembly incorporating two screw operated jacks, each for lifting one corner of the vehicle. The jack may include a manual controller having a power cord which is inserted into the cigarette lighter socket of the vehicle and which selectively operates any of up to four screw operated jacks. The powered tool may include plural sockets for engaging all lug nuts and screws simultaneously. The jack and powered tool may each have respective power cords which are insertable into the cigarette lighter socket or alternatively into a power port of the manual controller. The invention may comprise a kit including one or more jacks, the powered tool and optionally a jack stand.

The invention is designed to ease or eliminate hardship to motorist in order to remove the fail-tires from their vehicles. The inventor has had the idea for this device, because he saw a lady trying to change the tires on her car, and she couldn't do it without help.

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I am looking for a license with roylities partnership. I am open for regotiations and accept the best offer I can get. The video of Easy to Change Automobile Tires can be seen at: Dibu Wolde - Youtube.

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