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Pressure washer system and method of operating same

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The Spray Systems Pressure Washer system utilizes a pump or gas
powered method for injecting a low pressure spray of solution into
a high pressure spray of water.

The Solution Storage Tank is pressurized, and then activated by a
"Throttle Body" connected to the wand. Thus allowing the minimal
pressure of the liquid tank to provide the motivating force
causing the solution to be injected down-stream. A consumer grade
version utilizes a diaphgram operated demand pump.

This type of method allows for User on Demand control of the
injected solution. Something no other Pressure Washer Offers.

Todays Pressure Washers typically siphon the solution at low pressure.
To do this the high pressure pump must be disengaged. Afterward
the line must be flushed. This method does not allow for the high
pressure application of soaps or chemicals, and could never
drive a liquid abrasive.

The ability to deliver detergents, chemicals, or even liquid
abrasives at high pressure broadensthe spectrum of use for
Pressure Washer. In flood ravaged areas where molds and pathogens
thrive in porus substrates such as masonary, the advantage of
being able to injec anti-fungal/disinfectants at 4000 psi or more
becomes obvious.

The system can be produced in several different configurations, A
Commercial Grade system which uses a pressurized fluid storage tank,
a Consumer Grade system using a diaphgram pump, and even an after-
market "Retro Fit Kit"!

The design is simple and uncomplicated enabling easy affordable
production at a competitive price with readly availible components.
This machine is a game changer in the power washer industry. Its
superior design has allowed it to be awarded a much deserved United
States Patent with no less than 20 claims for its unique and
exceptional abilities.

We feel confident that you will agree the power washer industry is
past due for the introduction of this new and exciting design. Until
now the needs of professionals and consumer have gone unanswered, but
the Spray Systems Technologies design changes all of that by providing
features, benifits and solutions that truly makes all others obsolete.

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