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[Category : - SOFTWARES]
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A data management system, the system including: (i) an input interface for acquiring a source document
and (ii) a processor configured to: (a) divide the source document into multiple objects in response to content of the source document
(b) analyze the multiple objects to generate multiple low level sub-trees, wherein each of the low level sub-trees includes at least one of the multiple objects
(c) generate multiple mid level sub-trees, wherein each of the mid level sub-trees includes link to at least one of the low level sub-trees
(d) generate a top level sub-tree that includes multiple section links, wherein each of the section links links to one of the mid level sub-trees
(e) create metadata descriptive of at least one of the sub-trees generated, wherein the metadata includes data which is not included in the source document
and (f) generate a structured document that includes the top level sub-tree, at least some of the mid level sub-trees and at least some of the low level sub-trees, and the metadata.

Financial information

As a startup company Portool registered patents regarding semantic search and indexing technology it was developing. The technology applies to web search, document search, search in non-relational databases etc.
The company did not reach its commercial targets and decided to sell its property.
We are looking for a buyer to the granted patent all rights included or to the whole company that invented the technology.
There are several related patent applications in various stages of the review process - also for sale if applicable.

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