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[Category : - Bathroom]
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An object of the present invention is to provide a satisfactory solution to preventing the exposure of a user to potentially unpleasant odours when entering a toilet space.

A further object is to provide a notification device that has the capacity to notify a toilet visitor before a possible exposure to a potentially unpleasant odour experience occurs.

Further objects include providing such a device which is economical to manufacture and install, environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, dependable, durable, practically applicable, aesthetically pleasing, and does not presume that an in-person interaction needs to occur.

The above-mentioned objects are achieved by the present invention according to the independent claim.

Preferred embodiments are set forth in the dependent claims.

The above mentioned objects are achieved by providing a notification device with a notification member, an activation member for activation of said notification member, and a connecting means for transferring an activation signal from the activation member to the notification member. The notification member is mounted on the exterior of a door to a toilet space and provides a signal during a specified time period from activation of the notification device. Activation occurs when a user exits the toilet space.

One advantage of using the notification device of the present invention is that a potential user is notified of a recent previous visit to the toilet space, and is thus notified of a potential unpleasant odour experience before entering the toilet space. The potential user can thus choose to wait or use another toilet.

The notification device can be manually activated, by e.g. pressing a button or turning a dial, or automatically activated, using an occupancy sensor, and/or an odour sensor.

The notification member can comprise a visual indicator, e.g. an hourglass or light signal. The connecting means between the activation member and the notification member can be a mechanical connection, an electrical connection, a magnetic coupling and/or wireless communication.

The time period for notification can be a pre-set time, or a calculated time based on different parameters.

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