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Mobility in Cooking Digi Cooktop

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DigitalCookTop - Mobiltiy in Cooking



The present invention relates generally to an apparatus for cooking. More specifically, the present invention is an internet enabled cooking device providing the ability for the user to prepare and view meals remotely from anywhere with internet



Today, in the era of technological revolution and widespread internet access, we all as individuals are occupied in our daily pursuits of livelihood and business, and have

sometimes forgotten to cook our own meals or discount the time we spend cooking. With 15 the increasing number of working women with overburdened lifestyles, and there being no device that provides an unattended cooking experience, the present invention revolutionizes the cooking experience for individuals through the means of technology and the internet.

The present invention remedies this by allowing the user to view and control a 20 cooking device from any location that has internet access. This allows for home made meals to be prepared in time for dinner while the user is still far from home.


FIG. 1 is a computer illustrated diagram showing the arrangement of components in the present invention.

FIG. 2 is a computer illustration of the application interface for the present invention.




All illustrations of the drawings are for the purpose of describing selected versions of the present invention and are not intended to limit the scope of the present

invention. 5

The present invention is an internet enabled cooking device providing the ability for the user to prepare and view meals remotely from anywhere with internet. The idea behind the present invention is to introduce mobility in cooking and make cooking an easier and time saving experience for millions of people across all age groups.

The present invention is a digital cooktop to provide mobility and ease to your 10 cooking experience. The present invention can help the user cook delicious curries, desserts, soups and many more dishes while:

• The user is driving

• The user is at the office

• The user is shopping 15

• The user is at the clubs

• The user is playing, studying and even when you are sky driving

The present invention is a conceptualized device that can let you do lot with a

click of your mouse or with the touch of your finger. The present invention is a web 20 enabled consumer electronic device which can fit on the circumference of your day to day cooking utensils and can be programmed to supply your utensils the desired blend of cooking ingredients like oil, vegetables, sauces, spices and when needed. The present invention can also give a stir and mix to your cooking ingredients. The present invention

also comprises features like vertical and horizontal choppers and steam outlets. The 25 present invention consists of a Wi-Fi enabled hardware and inbuilt microcontroller programmed application which is able to receive web based cooking instruction remotely through the internet from the user’s laptops/tablets and mobile applications, and also provides voice based cooking instructions.


All the hardware components will be shock and heat proof as an added safety measure. This cook top will consume electric power source and Wi-Fi connectivity for inputs to produce desired outputs.

The present invention consists of the following components and interfaces: 5

a. An insulated hot plate for cooking

b. A rubber stand


c. Height adjustable cooking container frame

d. A rotating disk with lights and camera with steam outlet

e. The rotating disks will be mounted with containers for storing cooking 15

ingredients. One container comprises two sets of slicers (Horizontal slicer and vertical slicer)

f. A rotating disk is also mounted with motorized stir spoons/ spatulas,

which will be controlled through the microcontroller instructions 20

g. Each container will have a slit window on its base which will be controlled by a microcontroller WMI interface for opening and closing the container exit slits


h. All the containers will be enclosed into a cylindrical glass case with a removable top

i. On top of the removable top a mini computerized processor and memory

system will be fitted with a Wi-Fi interface to connect to the internet 30


j. The computerized system will support a web server application program and a user/ device registration application

k. The application will accept cooking instructions from a remote client

application (web based or mobile app). This interface will also 5

authenticate the device and client application based on one time pairing instructions

l. The application will convert web based instructions to electronic serial

communication signals which will be sent to the components like 10

containers, stir spoons, disk rotation, steam outlets and slicers to perform their operations.

m. The application will support scheduling to schedule cooking instructions


n. Web Client application will also support connectivity with social media

o. Device application will also provide video streaming capability to paired connection for live cooking view using the camera and lights interface


The target markets for the present invention will be normal households and small scale food industry. The present invention along with the web interfaces brings the revolution of Mobility in cooking. Consumers are able to multitask and cook their favourite curries remotely. The present invention helps in saving time and removing

dependency factors. Overall the present invention makes the cooking experience a great 25 fun.

Although the invention has been explained in relation to its preferred embodiment, it is to be understood that many other possible modifications and variations can be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

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