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Low profile oil drain cart

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An oil removing apparatus and system designed to drain fluids such as hot motor oil from a big trucks and busses. comprises a tank supported by rolling casters and having handles used to position the tank underneath a motor vehicle. An upper portion of the apparatus comprises an inflatable wall structure which provides vertically adjustable positioning around an oil pan or similar structure. The inflatable structure further includes a heat-resistant glove for accessing and removing a drain plug or similar feature. During typical use, a user removes the drain plug with the glove and drains the oil while the glove and inflatable structure protects the user from the hot motor oil. The main objective of this invention is to keep the hot motor in the cart and off the floor and to protect the user. Nothing on the market will protect the user when he pull the plug on 11 gallons of hot motor oil on the big rigs. I have email it to a big truck dealership across the country. One freightliner dealership in Chicago said he would buy twenty if I could get it manufacture. You can view it on youtube at Link Or you can go to youtube and type in Lloyd bigham and click on oil removing apparatus.

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