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US Patent mobile phone opens cars homes garages offices

[Category : - Security and alarms]
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US Patent 8990927: mobile phone opens cars homes garages office, draw money from ATM

US Patent Number: 8,990,927
Issue Date of Patent: 03-24-2015

Title of Invention: LOCK WITH NEW FEATURE

The average man now a days carry with him home key, car key, office key or electronic card to enter the office with, and ATM card for drawing cash from the ATM cash machine and credit card. This invention will make a person not to carry any of these things any more he/she only carry with him/her the cellular phone only because all of these and more will be in the cellular phone.

So from now on every person can carry his home key, second home key, parents home key, friends home keys, relatives home keys, hotel room key, garage gate key, locker key, his safe key, his company or factory main door key, his office door key, his car key, his wife's car key, his son's or friend's car keys, hired car key, his company's car key, plus the ATM card for drawing cash from the cash machine and credit card, where all these are in his/her cellular phone as soft keys as passwords. So this invention will make live very easy for all people.

From now on this invention will be used in lorries, Tractors, airplanes, DHL containers, large steel containers used to export goods from one country to another, factory machines so only authorized workers can operate them and for large computers and servers so only authorized workers can operate them and many other equipments and devices and machines even elevators.

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