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The 1st & Only Bottle Cap That Removes The Safety Seal!

[Category : - OTHER- HEALTH- Ordering and selling methods]
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Bottle Cap Seal Breaker

Advantages over All Other Systems

Why Our Bottle Cap Changes Everything

* The 1st and Only Patented Seal Breaker Device which pierces, opens and automatically
removes safety seals by twisting the bottle cap!

* Can eliminate shrink wraps, if desired

* Makes Products the safest and easiest to access

* Provides an easy opening device for all, but especially for arthritic patients, children
and seniors

* The 1st No-Touch System prevents contamination compared to alternatives

* No more knives, razors or fingers are needed to remove safety seals

* Reduces personal injury risk compared to alternatives

* A superior technology for anyone in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical & numerous other

* Covers Screw-On & Dispensing Caps

* The Only Patent Covering This Technology / No Head-To-Head Competition

* Represents A Veritable Market Monopoly      

Financial information

Stealth Light Corporation is seeking a royalty agreement or will sell the patent outright.

This technology has not been previously sold.

The market is enormous due to the fact we hold the only patent in this area, which represents a veritable market monopoly. This technology has never been implemented by the bottle cap industry, but is viable and feasible to do so.

Stealth Light intends to market its technology by presenting it to users in the following market areas, where it will have the largest markets and greatest appeal:

* Food and Beverage
* Bottled Water
* Industrial Cleaners
* Oils and Lubricants
* Personal Care
* Pharmaceuticals

Hospitals, doctors' / dentists' offices, nursing homes, drug makers, science labs, and restaurants and hotels are expected to be the targeted areas where this technology will have the greatest initial impact. However, all of the above sectors will be impacted.

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